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Internet Casino Feature Blackjack and Video Poker

USA Online Casinos offer both blackjack and video poker as two of the most popular games at any of the 2,100 online casinos. There are many similarities and differences that make for interesting comparison. The game play and the objectives of each game are completely different.

In blackjack the player has to defeat the casino dealer without going bust, while in video poker the player’s final hand is compared against the casino’s payout table. Blackjack evolved from other gambling games starting well over five hundred years ago in America while video poker is a much newer gaming creation with roots only going back over hundred years old.

Online blackjack and video pokers are both classified as games of skill. The player skill requirement for each type Internet Casino game is quite complex, where the player has to always know to be successful on which hands to raise and on which hands to fold just like the Kenny Roger’s song The Gambler.

In blackjack this is accomplished by each player through strategy cards that the leading Internet Casino software providers have even incorporated them into their Auto Play function so that the players cannot make a silly or uniformed mistake.

The biggest leading reason for the popularity of both these online casino games is because both blackjack and video poker offer extremely high average winning odds to the player. Most of the Internet Casino games offer an incredible return of 99.5%. By comparison European Internet Casino Roulette offers standard winning odds of 97.3% and online slots offer average odds of about 95% and the odds can be found at most of the gaming sites.

However, slots and roulette offer these returns as guaranteed wining odd, whereas the higher Internet Casino returns offered by blackjack and video poker are based on the skill of the player.

The video poker strategy is set up in with a series of player choices. It is not as convenient as blackjack strategy to follow while playing. Most Internet Casino gaming software providers have not incorporated the video poker maximum strategy into the online casino games. Therefore learning the gaming strategy is mandatory for the video poker players that want to be a successful player.

The critical difference between Internet Casino video poker and blackjack concerns payout odds. In the standard online blackjack based on land casino rules the normal bets pay out even money and blackjack wins pay out 3 to 2. Therefore accumulating large wins in blackjack is a long drawn out process.

There are some online blackjack software variants that offer the player independent side bets with much more high payout ratios, but the average player returns on these side bets are very low.

The player payouts in online video poker games begin with even money, but there is considerable variation in the top payouts. In Jacks or Better, the payout for a royal flush with five coins wagered is 800 to 1. Even the more likely outcomes straight and flush pay out 4 to 1 and 6 to 1 respectively. Therefore player big wins in individual hands are extremely possible in video poker.

In blackjack the average player winning odds will be about 99.5%. In video poker the average Internet Casino return will also be about 99.5% but the variations about that average will be far greater. Therefore players with greater risk taking tendencies will prefer video poker and the more conservative players will prefer blackjack.

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